Insurance Broker Approach
Along with the development of the industry, today, the corporate company as well as individual client requires insurance broker who are able to offer more services than just negotiating the price / premium only. We GMU Broker ,work together with the customer to clearly understand what the risks faced by the customer, before determining which risks are necessary and can be transferred to the insurance. Our approach is based on four continuous stages in the design to provide maximum solution to every customer and that is really appropriate to the needs of the Customer.

Risk Management Approach
Insurance is one of the traditional ways to transfer the risk being faced by the company. The latest philosophy in risk management is to insure which risks are considered uneconomical to be self-insured and therefore neeed to be transferred out. The risk management process allows the company to know the value of the existing insurance protection compared to the cost of managing their own risk and insurance benefits for the company.

Determination of Appropriate Solutions
Traditional insurance products do not always correspond with the needs of the company. In the anticipation of this, we cooperate with the customer and the insurance company to be able to get alternative solutions in managing the enterprise risks. We work with clients in the management of risk retained by the company, including the risk management of motor vehicles and employee benefits in a number of multinational companies with offices (sometimes) in several countries. We also work regularly with the insurance markets to develop risk placement facility.
What We Do

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